A new year means you can make new plans and chances in your life. But it also means the closure of an old chapter and the start of a new one. So every time when the year is coming to its end, I think about what I want to change in the new upcoming year and I wonder ourselves; what are my good intentions for 2014? This might look easier than it actually is, but just go for it and just do it! For me, instead of just focusing on small habits that I can change, I want to just focus on ‘the person I want to be’.

Here what I want to do, to make a better me in 2014:

  • I need to take time to think about good intentions for the next year and take it serious. I have to make a reflection of last year and think about which things I would like to change and improve in the next year.
  • I Write out about my good intentions on my laptop for the next year. I feel by doing this there is a bigger confrontation when I don’t compliance my good intentions.
  • I make a range list of my good intentions. From most – to less important things that I want to achieve and try to focus on the most important ones.
  • Some people really ambitious to get what they want. But it’s wouldn’t work for me. So, I just will follow the road and do my best.
  • Sometimes I hold a daily, weekly or monthly journal about my progress. This makes me able to overview my whole progress which can give me more motivation.
  • Sometimes I need an extra push, I used to tell my environment, like family, friends or colleagues, about my good intentions so that they will keep reminding and asking me about it. Even though sometimes it’s annoying, but it can mean an extra stimulant for me to continue. This can, unconsciously, make me work harder to achieve my goal.

Personally, I’ve decided to focus myself on my development in 2014, especially since I will start my final year at University in September 2014. So this means this will be my last year at University before I start a full time job, so this is why I want to use this time to put some extra focus on my development so that I will be completely prepared for a full time job. I want to take every opportunity that comes on my way which contributes to this development. School often offers projects or activities where we can participate in, so I will apply if it has any relevance for me. During my last semester at my third year I will follow an extra class in brand management to gain more experience in this field and in September I would like to follow a minor in fashion business in Amsterdam to gain more experience in fashion. And at last, I would like to start a small business if I have the time and chance for it.  So for me 2014 will be about fully commitment and perseverance. But beside development I also want to focus on a healthier way of life, I haven’t been to the gym once since my stay in Indonesia, so when I am back in the Netherlands in 2014 it is time to get my condition and shape back. Selamat Tahun Baru 2014!

Penulis adalah Jaimie Eleonore
Seorang mahasiswi jurusan Advanced Business Creation dari Avans University of Applied Sciences, s’-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands. Saat ini Jaimie baru saja menyelesaikan magang di Indonesia dan akan kembali ke negaranya. Instagram @eleonore__